Using Singing Bowls For Meditation

A singing bowl or sitting bell is basically an upside down bell, supported at the top with the widest rim usually above the ground. These bells usually exist in a very wide variety of sizes, from some centimetres up to a meter in diameter. When they are struck or hit, they make a ringing or buzzing sound. This sound can be used to focus ones mind on something or transmit a relaxing message to someone else. It is said that if you place one of these bowls by the window and listen to the sound, it can help to calm you and improve your concentration.

Singing Bowls and bells have played important roles in Feng Shui since ancient times. The Chinese have been using them to summon and focus their spirits for many years, and in Tibet, there are ‘Bhum Rin’ bells that are hung at doorways or over walls to warn of thieves and dangers. In Feng Shui practice, bowls and bells are used to enhance the overall design of the room in which they are placed. They are traditionally used to attract wealth, but in today’s world there are many other uses as well. Go to

If you want to relax and release stress, place a singing bowl by the window and turn on the radio or CD. Listening to soft music helps to calm you as the sound vibrations waves through your body. The same method can be used if you want to get rid of negative thoughts or bad feelings. The bowl is absorbing the negative energy vibrations and transmitting them out of the room. As you relax you may feel lighter, happier and tension is released. You should try to maintain this sound bath for at least half an hour every day.

Rain is another great sound to send out to help you focus your mind and spirit. Most people who meditate like to start their session with a nice, mellow rainfall sound to calm them. Rain is soothing and relaxing. Playing the rain sounds while you are singing can be a very enjoyable experience. Try to find the highest pleasing rain sound that will fit your meditation needs.

Meditation is not about meditating to have some divine reward. It is all about relaxing your mind and body in order to release stress, release anger, release worry and other negative emotional waves. Transforming those waves into positive energy takes work and singing bowls are a great way to start your meditation sessions. If you use the same technique when meditating that you would for stress relief, both you and the bowls will benefit.

These are just a few of the many benefits of using the Singing Bowls. If you do not have access to any bowls or sound recordings, just play around with your CD player and listen to the rain sounds produced by the Singing Bowls. Try it out! You might be surprised at how it brings the relaxing and meditative process to a whole new level. Read more about website.

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