Using Singing Bowls For Meditation

A singing bowl or sitting bell is basically an upside down bell, supported at the top with the widest rim usually above the ground. These bells usually exist in a very wide variety of sizes, from some centimetres up to a meter in diameter. When they are struck or hit, they make a ringing orContinue reading “Using Singing Bowls For Meditation”

What Chakra Singing Bowls Are For?

Singing bowls are the base part of any musical instrument, the rest of which can be bought as standard. However many people prefer not to use them and there are many reasons for this. While they might seem a minor detail when you’re just buying a simple bowl to play with at home, they doContinue reading “What Chakra Singing Bowls Are For?”

Can Singing Bowls Work For You?

Singing bowls are musical instruments that are used in singing. The term “singing bowl” is sometimes used interchangeably with “tape measure”. They are often hung from the wall with a nail or screws, or hung from the ceiling by a string. A hanging bowl or standing bowl is an upside down bell, usually supported atContinue reading “Can Singing Bowls Work For You?”

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